Things You Might Need to Know About Vaginal Muscles or Pelvic Floor Muscles

vaginal muscles

Vaginal muscles are muscles surrounding the vagina cavity including pelvic muscles that holds vaginal organs. These muscles have its contraction which is originally came from involuntary response to sexual stimuli or sexual activities, and defecation or urination. Though it can be also controlled manually (voluntary response), the body need those involuntary response for normal vaginal functions and prevent certain disorders related to genital prolapses or incontinence urinary.

Vaginal Muscles - Mode of Action

This vaginal vascular smooth muscle controlled by the pathway of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) - a protein kinase expressed in the smooth muscle tissues, which is containing an ester of phosphoric acid and a specific cGMP substance known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) that all plays a role in regulating the smooth muscle contraction, responding an increased blood flow in the vagina cause in sexual arousal, and maintain the strength (tone) of the muscle itself.

The strength or tone of this muscle also influences the continuous contraction and endurance where its performances influenced by many factors such as being overweight, nutrient intake, aging, intensity of sex, childbirth, illnesses, and hormonal status. These factors may cause weakened vaginal muscles contraction in addition to a thin muscle mass.
The strength of vaginal muscle and pelvic floor muscle (PFM) can be measured by an instrument commonly used in obstetrics, vaginal mamometry or perineometer, which is measuring the Maximally Voluntary Contraction (MVC) and endurance.

For women who were described as those with poor pelvic muscle tone or loose vagina, or those with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction which often found in postpartum either caused by vaginal delivery or cesarean due to injuries from obstetric events, the only intervention you need is improving your hormone levels, particularly with estrogen to get their estrogenic activities that can stimulate the production of those proteins in the muscle. Doing kegel exercises can also maintain the strength of pelvic muscle contraction actually. However, it doesn't improve the mass of vaginal muscles and pelvic muscles, which is the basic role of strong muscles. You can imagine it with thin guys. They still can improve the strength of their muscle by regularly doing workout. But it's certainly much stronger among fat guys whose doing same thing. Same thing happened to your vaginal muscles and pelvic muscles.

comparison between thin and fat pelvic muscles

Therefore, in order to improve the strength of contraction of vaginal muscles and pelvic muscles from underlying factors, the hormonal therapy becomes a main solution. This hormonal therapy doesn't always associate to 'HRT drugs' but could be through dietary intervention by consuming foods that contain phytoestrogen content. Considering HRT drugs may linked to cancer risks and cardiovascular events in the long run, this is a safe alternative way to maintain the mass of your vaginal muscles and pelvic muscles for better strength of contraction. Obviously, in the other side, it has nothing to do with Kegels. Though you get only small phytoestrogens from that food sources, however, it delivers results in the long run. Otherwise, try using certain herbs with a strong profile of phytoestrogens content such as Oak Gall, Witch Hazel, Pueraria Mirifica, Black Cohosh, or Fenugreek. They have very aggressive estrogenic activities compared to other botanical sources with phytoestrogens content, which is useful to accelerate increasing the mass of pelvic and vaginal muscles with those proteins above. Even better, this kind of herbs can even be administered directly to your genital organs and doesn't have to undergo your digestive system and the liver. That being said, this is another safe-effective way to augment your effort for making a better strength of contraction of pelvic muscles and vaginal muscles. You can read this page for more detail, as well as how you can get those potent herbs in one hand and some precautions you should care.

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