Cases of Birth Control Injections and Vaginal Dryness

vaginal dryness and birth control injections in young mothers

Some young mothers may experience with vaginal dryness after having a baby. They suspected that their birth control injections influence this condition. However, it's not entirely true.
In general, a 1-month interval of birth control injections that contains estrogen and progesterone hormone, and a 3-month interval of birth control injection that only contains progesterone hormone are not causing vaginal dryness.

Incidences of vaginal dryness in these young mothers are usually caused by infections in the vagina such as from the fungus, bacteria or virus. If there is no indication for that infections, then it's usually caused by dropped estrogen levels due to breastfeeding and post-childbirth itself. Childbirth and breastfeeding are one of main factors causing dropped estrogen levels besides aging. So there's nothing you can do avoid it except taking hormonal therapy. Your doctor may prescribe certain HRT drugs if the vaginal dryness really makes your sex uncomfortable or even painful. However, since these drugs may lead to the risk of cardiovascular events or the onset of cancers, therefore, they mostly prescribe the drugs with lower doses and for short therapy. Otherwise, you can try dietary therapy by consuming foods containing phytoestrogens or using vaginal lubricants that contains phytoestrogens such as this recommended vaginal lubricant. The best part of those product is, while you eliminate existing dryness instantly, their estrogenic activities also help your genital organs (the gland and the tissue on the vagina) to actively secreting the fluid for better moist and healthy pH. Their 'phyto-estrogenic activities' obtained from Oak Gall and Witch Hazel as main active ingredients. These herbs have strong profile of phytoestrogens and powerful with estrogenic activities. You can learn more detail about these herbs in their pages or see this page for other alternative free strategies and safe, too.

Another potential cause of vaginal dryness after childbirth is the side effect of episiotomy, which is performed during labor to ease birthing process. This techniques actually has been questioned by experts regarding to its benefits since there are some complaints and medical incidences associated with this additional stitching, including vaginal dryness and painful sex. Therefore, to ensure the causes of this condition despite the possibility of birth control injections, you must consult your doctor for more intensive diagnosis.

In general, both those birth control injections are used to prevent the sperm entering the cervix due to thickening of cervical mucus, and the expectation of changes in the menstrual cycle during 9-12 months following birth control injections.
The side effect of birth control injections are usually related to irregular menstruation and bleeding spots which all considered not serious and usually requires no treatment. Again, make sure you consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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