Home Remedies for Vaginal Tightening

home remedies for vaginal tightening

This home remedy is using traditional ways in extracting the most popular botanical source for vaginal tightening purpose, Oak Gall or Manjakani or oak apple. As this gall has been listed in the medical literature with skin tightening effects (astringent properties) due to active tannin contents, as well as keep the collagen and elastin composition last longer (ref-11), therefore, you wouldn't have to doubt with its therapeutic benefits, moreover this herb has been used for centuries and no report to date for serious medical risks.

Though you might be getting only small amount of its active substances because the extraction method, however, you can still get their active phytochemical contents in small concentrate such as their tannins, isoflavones, vitamins, minerals, and some amino acids. If you have no idea what Oak Gall can do for you related to your genital organs please read this page. In short it can make your vagina tighter, as well as rejuvenate your vaginal walls, eliminate vaginal dryness, smelly fish or odor, and discharge in certain time-frames.

Oak Gall Preparation

Douching Solution

- Boil 3 oak galls with 2 cups of water until the water becomes blackish brown color.
- Use the boiled water to wash your vagina.
- Do washing with this concoction every day for 2 weeks. Significant effects of tightness outcomes can be seen at that period.

2. Diet Solution

- If you cook rice, put the Oak Gall into it and stirring occasionally.
- If the rice has cooked, take that oak gall and cut it into small pieces while soft still.
- Eat it with the rice.

3. Liquid Solution

Just boil the Oak Gall until the water goes half. Then drink its boiled water.
This concoction is not only good for vaginal tightening but also good for women who want to have a slim body and youthful skin.

That's all several methods using Oak Gall as a home remedy to tighten your vagina, as well as other benefits. You may not see the results instantly, but it will definitely deliver such results in a few days. If you want to get purified Oak Gall extracts which can help you see the result almost instantly or need to augment your effort, you can use this recommended product. The best part of this product is, it also contains an extract of Witch Hazel which also have similar phytochemical content of Tannins and listed in the medical literature on the top list for that agent. You can learn more detail about Oak Gall and Witch Hazel in their specific pages, as well as their medical literature. Combination of these herbs making those product almost has no competitor in terms of making your vagina tighter almost instantly, as well as rejuvenate your vaginal walls and muscles and eliminate vaginal dryness. You can even get them all in one hand. See this pagefor more detail, including other alternative free regimens and some precautions you need to anticipate.

After all, try yourself this home remedy to see how powerful this herb to make you experience with better pleasurable sex or get rid of smelly fish and painful sex. If you have heard about other home remedies for vaginal tightening with betel leaves (actually it causes little dryness so it looks give tightness sensation), vinegar, aloe vera, or pineapple (only for smelly fish), Oak Gall is much powerful and gives real results than those things. That's why Oak Gall has been used for centuries in Eastern and Asia to tighten their intimate organs after vaginal delivery or related to vaginal health, until now!

1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/68013634

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