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Why So Many Fail in Preventing Vaginal and Uterus Prolapses Through Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery?

Vaginal prolapse and prolapse uterine often occur after delivery, moreover in parous women. Although there are many reason why uterine cervix protrudes over the orifice, such as due to aging, pelvic trauma, anatomical changes, or surgery effects to the tissue denervation and devascularization, however, declined of collagen exposure and protein content in uterus ligaments containing many fibrous tissue and non-striped muscular fibers, as well as in the cervical strome of women with prolapse that plays significant role in decreasing mechanical strength. Therefore, many corrective surgical procedures failed in preventing the recurrences, and the patient may experience with multiple surgeries over time because the tissue and ligaments are weak.

So, how to treat vaginal prolapse?

Along with vaginal reconstruction surgery for those who already had prolapsed vaginal and/or uterine, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is another recommended conjunctive-therapy by doctors to treat and prevent these prolapses.

A 2003 study published in Obstetric Gynecology concluded that use of HRT for longer than 5 years has protective effect against pelvic floor dysfunction as a risk factor of vaginal prolapse in postmenopausal women, including to younger mothers in first delivery, higher body mass index, forceps delivery, and history of gynecology surgery. (ref)

Overall, most studies concluded that HRT treats prolapsed vaginal and uterine from the root cause due to significantly influenced by female hormone levels, particularly with estrogen levels.

In critical view, however, some scientist said that estrogen deprivation is not fully causing vaginal prolapse because the mechanism of vaginal prolapse is complex and still poorly understood. However, they agreed if low estrogen levels contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction, which is a risk factor for vaginal prolapse despite many of studies showed HRT effectively treat vaginal and uterine prolapse and so many troubles in corrective vaginal surgery.

On the other hand, in biochemical analysis of collagen content in the pelvic floor, total collagen content shows declined when the estrogen concentration is decreased. And it does not matter whether the women in menopausal state or not. When there is vaginal prolapse, there is also a reduction in collagen content in urogenital tissue. It means, estrogen levels play significant role in increasing collagen exposure to the pelvic floor and eventually strengthen the muscle and tissue, as well as to other vaginal areas (wall and muscles). However, as recently well documented in some studies for several serious side effects of HRT in the long run, such as to the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancers, it also raises other concern for the benefits against the risk. Therefore, if HRT really needed by women, the health authorities recommends to be used in short-term therapy.

Increase collagen exposure and protein content in the vaginal naturally

Contrary to synthetic form of estrogen, a natural estrogen or known as phytoestrogen showed to be more safe for woman. In fact, they can reverse that risk (breast and ovarian cancer risks) while their estrogenic activities maintain loss of fibromuscular support of internal pelvic organs and vaginal rejuvenation as whole.

Read the effects of phytoestrogen that very active in estrogenic activities in rejuvenating the vagina as well as prevent and maintain the prolapses but safe for long-term therapy on this page, including the mechanisms, clinical evidences, medical literature, and the best options of formula.

Overall, despite the women may undergo vaginal surgery to repair their current protruding of uterine cervix and tissue, however, this is not solving the root cause of prolapses itself. The uterus ligaments and tissues must be strengthened in order to prevent or maintain the prolapses and its recurrence.


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About Pueraria Mirifica

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