Oak Gall for Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation

oak gall for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation

Oak Gall (Quercus Infectoria) or known as Manjakani is a gall on oak tree. The plant itself natives to Eastern and Asia, and the gall that has been infested or 'produced' by gall wasps of the family Cynipidae containing certain phytochemical substances with many health benefits. Among those benefits, tighten female genitalia are found to be controversial. However, further studies showed potential mechanisms to support such outcomes based on chemical substances obtained from its extraction.

In biochemical analysis, the extract of this fruit has found mainly to be rich in hydrolyzable tannins. Other phytochemical contents including isoflavones (a type of phytoestrogen), vitamin A and C (antioxidants), proteins, minerals, calcium, fibers, carbohydrates, iron, and amino acids such as gallic acids, ellagic acid, and piperronylic acid ester. These phytochemical substances further identified have technical properties of astringent, antioxidant, rejuvenating, antibacterial, anti-fungi, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes, and local anesthetic.

The tannin itself is a natural polyphenolic or sugar compound that can constrict the skin or tissue, increase blood flow to exposed area, and maintain collagen and elastin levels.
There are at least 100 types of tannin based on its polyphenolic composition (mineral element), such as tannins derived from grapes (skin and seeds), chestnut, fruit trees, quebracho, tea, acacia, and some others. However, the most strong effect of tannin in the human skin and tissue so far was derived from 'this fruit' or sometimes called as oak apple due to mineral components forming the tannins. That makes sense because the fruit is not originally produced by the plant but it's stimulated by gall wasps that penetrates the tissue of the leaf or twig as a shelter and food sources of their eggs.
Due to strong profile of its tannins, the medical literature has put the definition of tannin based on Oak gall effect (ref-1) as well as the technical property of astringent (ref-2).

Historically, the word of tannin derived from Celtic word for Oak tree, which is given due to containing an agent and substances that can constrict the skin and delays the degradation of skin structure. Their tannin - the glucose that has been esterified with gallic acid, can maintain the composition of collagen and elastin and therefore making the tightness and elasticity of the skin last longer, including those on your vaginal walls and lips.
What's more, the isoflavones that categorized as phytoestrogen also mimics human estrogen, making the rejuvenation process of female organs can be obtained from the extract of this fruit. This is including vitamin C for antioxidant properties.

As estrogenic activities is crucial to rejuvenate the skin structure and muscles, including the muscle on female organs (vaginal muscles and pelvic floor muscles), therefore, extract of this fruit is not only giving instant tightness outcomes due to their tannin profile but also useful to rejuvenate both vaginal walls and muscles, and stimulate the gland and tissue on the vagina to actively secreting the fluid. The results, you are not only getting instant tightness outcomes, but also youthful structure of vaginal walls and muscles for real tight, elastic and better contraction, and eliminate vaginal dryness, too.

In ancient times, extract of this fruit has been used for centuries to clean the vagina after childbirth, tighten the vagina, eliminate vaginal odor and discharges. Most of application is in a douching solution. In fact, this herb also suggested to prevent cervix cancer. And this claim looks solid because the biochemical analysis of this herb also have anti-bacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungi. One of available studies write on the paper, "Our findings were also supported by other researchers who reported that the crude powder of the galls of Q. infectoria was found to be active against S. auerus and B. subtills while both the methanol and aquesous extracts were active against S. epidermis."(ref-3)

Overall, Oak Gall is all you need when you're thinking about how to make your vagina tighter instantly and overnight, as well as rejuvenate your vaginal walls and muscles, relieve from vaginal dryness, and improves vaginal health. See this recommended formula that provides a pure extract of Oak Gall and even better you can apply it directly to your genital organs so you will get the most out of Oak Gall benefits instantly. The best part of those product is, they also contain Witch Hazel extract that has also strong profile of tannins and even listed in the medical literature on the top list for the source, in addition to their phytoestrogen content. You can read about Witch Hazel in their page above or see this page for how they work when formulated in 'one concentrate' and comparison to other free strategies.

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