Overcome and Cure Vaginal Dryness

vaginal dryness

Most women unhappy with their bed time when finding there is no way for their vagina to secrete the fluid during intercourse that makes sex so fun for her if that happens. While this lubrication smoothing penile penetration, the nerves on the vagina organs also become more sensitive than dryness condition, making her easy to reach heavenly orgasms besides moaning between it.

In medical standpoint, vaginal dryness can be a result of physical and psychological issues. Stress, exhausted, personal issues, not enough time for foreplay, unhealthy lifestyles (heavy smoker and/or alcohol drinker), irregular menstruation and other imbalance hormonal events such as breastfeeding, side effect of medications and illnesses, are among potential factors causes vaginal dryness.

In perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women, vaginal dryness mostly caused by estrogen deficiency because the steroid activities of estrogen plays a role in stimulating the gland and tissue to secrete the fluid for keeping it moist. That being said, the dryness has been there before intercourse and it's hard to secrete the fluid during intercourse.

As vaginal dryness does not only affect pleasurable sex but also vaginal health, therefore, it's important to solve the issue from underlying causes.
In cases of psychological matters, you should solve those issues yourself as you know exactly what's going on or contact your psychologist for a therapy. However, if this is associated with estrogen deficiency due to aging or certain imbalance hormonal events (irregular menstruation, breastfeeding, side effects of medications or illnesses), then you have to take hormonal therapy as it's the only way to get estrogenic activities 'externally' needed by your genital organs.

Of course using over-the-counter lubricants can overcome existing dryness. However, it doesn't solve underlying causes, especially caused by estrogen deficiency except you use vaginal lubricants that also contains phytoestrogens like this recommended product. Phytoestrogens are estrogens derived from plants and they're mimicking human estrogen. It means they have also steroid activities that will stimulate the gland and tissue on your genital organs to secrete fluids. The best part of those product is, their phytoestrogens are obtained from Witch Hazel and Oak Gall, which have been medically identified had strong estrogenic activities compared other potent botanical sources with phytoestrogens content due to mineral components forming their isoflavones (the highest class of phytoestrogens instead of coumesins and lignans). Also, compared to oral administration of hormonal therapy, this is the best way to deliver estrogenic activities from that herbs directly to your genital organs while solving existing vaginal dryness instantly, and more importantly it's more safe than synthetic estrogens commonly used in HRT drugs. You can read more detail about Oak Gall and Witch Hazel in their pages or combination of these herbs on this page, including other strategies that costs you nothing.

If you prefer dietary intervention than those 'topical phytoestrogens', then you can consume foods containing phytoestrogens such as broccoli, carrots, barley, beans, fennel, fenugreek, nuts, oats, pomegranates, linseed, sesame seeds, and some others. Though it takes much time to eliminate vaginal dryness from underlying causes due to very small amount of phytoestrogens we can get from our diet, it still help you in the long run besides other health benefits. So make sure those foods always available on your meals. In case to overcome existing vaginal dryness you can combine those dietary intervention with general lubricants. Make sure it's a water-based lubricants as it will not trap bacteria that can cause bacterial vainosis and disturbing vaginal health.

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