Side Effects of Vaginal Reconstruction

vaginal reconstruction surgery

Initially, vaginal reconstruction surgery is a surgical procedure to repair certain vaginal conditions that may affect certain medical conditions or disturbing its function. Furthermore, many women interested with this procedure to beautify the appearance of their genitalia or they call 'rejuvenation' either to the vaginal walls, lips or muscles.

Surgeon Board Perspective

The association of cosmetic surgeon doesn't list 'vaginal rejuvenation' as a role to perform surgery due to lack of therapeutic efficacy and dangerous risks, starting from pre-op, during operation, and post-op. This is including reconstruction of vaginal lips for aesthetic purpose. In reality, however, this procedure has been advertised anywhere that claims can help women to be more confident in sex and promising heighten sexual sensation.

Though during 'sexual exploration' or oral sex the vaginal lips and shape becomes the main object, this is not dampening men's libido or lowering sexual pleasure for both parties. This is only for aesthetic reason that has noting to do with pleasurable sex or performance, except reconstruction of the vaginal wall and muscle although the outcomes are not entirely true heighten sexual sensation.

There are various types of vaginal reconstruction, starting from vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, perineoplasty, hymenoplasty, and clitoral hood reduction/removal. However, studies for its effectiveness so far were limited, while the potential side effects were seen clearly for every step of the process, including perceptions from health professionals and surgeon's associate.
The risks including from anesthesia effects in pre-op, bleeding, infections and bruising during operation, and several adverse events post-op such as loss of sensitivity (numbness) as the operation obviously cuts many nerves on the vagina (this can be permanent or need years for recovery), painful sex, scars, incontinence, health problems in the uterus due to infections, and some others.

Mary M. Gallenberg, MD, a gynecologist in Rochester, MN, stressed how carefully in choosing vaginal reconstruction because there are many nerves in the vagina that important for sexual health and orgasm, and the operation itself may likely cut the nerves that leads to reduced sensitivity of the clitoris and the vagina permanently.

Does natural vaginal rejuvenation also same with surgery effects?

Unlike 'vaginal rejuvenation surgery', natural ways do not lead such adverse events and the rejuvenation outcomes really affect real changes of the structure of vaginal walls, lips and muscles. More thick, more elastic, and better strength of muscle contraction. In fact, some of natural vaginal rejuvenation can even give instant tightness sensation such as offered by this recommended product so you don't need a few weeks to feel the tightness sensation like surgery due to healing process. Combining both these outcomes, the vaginal hole will be narrower by themselves due to constriction effect while other phytochemical substances stimulate the regeneration process of skin cells (including those on vaginal walls and lips) for more thick and sensitive, increase the collagen and elastin levels in the tissue that give more tight and elastic, and maintain the mass of pelvic / vaginal muscles for better strength of contraction, including eliminate vaginal dryness. You can read more detail about those recommended product on this page, as well as certain precautions need to be anticipated and other alternative stratgies that may cost you nothing.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages between these methods, vaginal reconstruction should be taken into account if you have certain medical conditions and not for aesthetic purpose or want to tight your vaginal walls and muscles by 'cutting' some portions of these organs. This is not rejuvenation means about. It's reconstruction. There is no changes to the structure of vaginal walls and muscles instead of cutting some of these organs for more narrow that will be stretched again as we age, frequent sex and childbirth.

Certain medical conditions that becomes a reason doing vaginal surgery including the absence of vaginal hole (congenital defect), pain or irritation due to excessive growth of pubic lips (labia majora and labia minora), problems in urinating or defecating due to prolapse of the bladder or rectum into the vagina (cystocele or rectocele), and some other disorders.
Therefore, if you really need this procedure, make sure you have done your own-research and discussion deeply to your doctor whether it's worth a try before meeting your cosmetic surgeon to minimize the conflict of interest since it's not cheap ($3,000 to $15,000) depend on where you live now. And this is for one operation. If there's human error or adverse events and requires re-operation then the cost is another story.

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