Using Vaginal Tightening Cream on the Face to Fade Wrinkles

It's quite speculative when certain female products used inappropriately out of recommended area. Vaginal tightening cream, for example, is designed specifically for female genital organs and not for other area such as the face to fade or erase wrinkles. However, some women claimed it works great and even better than Botox! It's effectively fading the wrinkles and tighten sagging facial skin! (Daily Mail: Women are using vaginal tightening cream on their face instead of Botox) (ref-1)

Leave those claim alone and let go inside...
As the name implies, vaginal tightening cream 'technically' promoting an ability to tighten the skin or layers surrounding urogenital tract or vaginal walls to shrink and more narrow, giving better friction and eventually more pleasure during intercourse. Whether the effect can be seen for days, weeks, or event instantly like this recommended formula, obviously these outcomes are very helpful for women who had given birth or just want to make your vagina tighter for tremendous sensation of sex.

Despite the chemical agents used in the product, this tightening benefits usually obtained from certain substances that can constrict the skin and rejuvenate the collagen and elastin on the tissue, keeping the degradation of the skin maintained. This chemical agent is known as Tannins that have astringent property. However, many of this female product also contains other ingredients that may not suitable for direct exposure to sunlight that may irritate facial skin, allergy, and acne.

Despite the benefits may affect other areas out of the vagina, women should be wisely using this product by following recommended usage, including vaginal creams containing extract of Oak Gall, Witch Hazel, or Pueraria Mirifica although these herbs have been used traditionally and pharmacology on facial skin or general treatment of skin care.


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