Vaginal Condition After Childbirth

vaginal condition after childbirth

Many women don't know what happened to their intimate organ after childbirth. Though childbirth is a part of women's life, but a fear of decline in the quality of their sex life still haunts many postpartum.
Generally, after childbirth the vagina is in stressing state and accompanied by edema and bruised. Within 1-2 days, the edema will reduce and the vaginal wall will return to its smooth condition. The vaginal wall will shrink back due to formation of rugae at 3 weeks after delivery even tough it's still slightly widen than before, as well as weakened pelvic floor muscle contraction. However, as time goes by, both these organs will be recovered.
However, you cannot expect the tightness and elasticity of vaginal walls and the strength of pelvic floor muscles contraction will be same prior delivery. The perineum, layers, collagen and elastin in the tissue, and the mass of pelvic muscles has been stretched, destructed, and pressed very hard during labor. So it will depend on your hormone that will rejuvenate those organs and tissue over the time.

For weakened pelvic floor muscles contraction, you can improve the tone by doing kegel exercises. Of course it takes times for seeing significant results, however, it does work if you do it regularly. Just be patient, it takes about a few months.
To accelerate the outcomes of rejuvenation process to your vaginal walls and muscles, you can consume foods containing phytoestrogens content. They closely have similar estrogenic activities like your own estrogen and safe, too. Similarly to kegels, it takes time to see significant effects, which is better tightness and elasticity of your vaginal walls and stronger contraction of your vaginal muscles. To augment your effort you can try supplementation that provides strong phytoestrogens content. Since the profile of phytoestrogen varies from one botanical source to others, these strong phytoestrogens profile is your best answer to accelerate the rejuvenation process. The sample of botanical sources with strong phytoestrogen contents due to their isoflavones component including Oak Gall, Witch Hazel, Pueraria Mirifica, Black Cohosh, Fenugreek, Red Clover, and Curcuma Comosa. You can get these potent herbs in one formula such as this recommended product for better results. The good things about this product is, it's applied directly to your genital organs so you will get the most out of their strong phytoestrogens contents. The main active ingredients of those product is Oak Gall and Witch Hazel. These herbs have strong population-based evidences in rejuvenating properties, as well as listed in the medical literature with certain agents that can maintain the degradation of skin structure, including those on your vaginal walls. You can learn more detail about these herbs on their pages or read this page for other free ways.

Despite various strategies you can take to rejuvenate your vagina organs, estrogenic activities are the only biochemical reaction need by your body to generate new skin cells, increase the production of collagen and elastin, fluid secretion, and increase the mass of pelvic or vaginal muscles. Kegels itself only train the muscle for better tone, however, the mass of muscle has been destructed during birthing process. Therefore, besides relying on your estrogen hormone to rejuvenate your genital organs, you can combine with estrogens derived from botanical sources.
If synthetic estrogen used in estradiol therapy comes to your mind, make it as last resort because you cannot consume it in the long run as it is potentially leading the risk of cardiovascular events and cancers. At least, ask you doctor if you really needed it. Your doctor may prescribe it with lower doses to reduce the risk. But still, it has potential risks for long therapy.

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