Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex During Lactation in Young Mothers

lactation and vaginal dryness incidence

Incidences of vaginal dryness during lactation are often found in young mothers who actively breastfeeds their baby. Besides vaginal dryness, they may also experience with itching and discomfort during urination. This is certainly disturbing the quality of their life and sex life. In fact, the painful sex can reach in extreme point like someone ripping out her insides. Many of them suspected there is certain diseases that causes this condition, or side effect from their oral contraceptives. However, it's not entirely correct.

Though oral contraceptives may also cause in vaginal dryness due to declined estrogen effect, breastfeeding also a factor that can cause dropped estrogen levels. As the results, you may experience with vaginal dryness, itching and discomfort sensation because this hormone is crucial to maintain vaginal pH and secretion functioning.

Since breastfeeding is important for your baby's development, you should not stop it because of this incidence. First, you have to consult your doctor whether there is anything you can do to overcome this condition. Your doctor may prescribe you a safe lubricant to counter existing vaginal dryness so you can enjoy again your bed time. However, it doesn't solve your vaginal dryness from underlying causes. That being said, you may feel itching and burning sensation in normal activities because it's little messy, sticky and uncomfortable if you use that vaginal lubricants to overcome vaginal dryness in normal activities. For bed time, it's almost no problem at all. You can clean it after the course. But what about normal activities?
This is a reason why sometimes certain vaginal lubricants that contains phytoestrogen become the best alternative to over-the-counter lubricants that contains nothing but the gel. While you can overcome existing vaginal dryness instantly, they also stimulate the gland and tissue on the vagina to secrete the fluid such as offered by this recommended formula, so you don't need to worry again in your normal activities because your dropped estrogen levels has replaced by estrogenic activities derived from botanical sources when you use it in your bed time. This product contains the extract of Oak Gall and Witch Hazel that clinically proven containing strong estrogenic activities and safe. You can learn more detail about these herbs on their pages above. You can also try with dietary therapy by consuming foods containing phytoestrogens. This is also good way if you can consume it regularly. Obviously you cannot compare the outcomes of this dietary therapy with those potent herbs that applied directly to your genital organs, making you get faster outcomes in eliminating vaginal dryness however, it still offers a 'curing therapy' in the long run.

If you prefer estradiol therapy, your doctor may prescribe you certain estradiol (E2) drugs with lower doses. This low doses is important since this synthetic estrogen may also linked to serious medical risks, such as the cancer onset and cardiovascular events. Your doctor also recommends it for a short-term therapy to reduce potential risks.
Despite various strategies to counter vaginal dryness during breastfeeding, it is important to solve it from underlying causes because you probably feeds your baby for 1 year or even more. Of course, the incidence of vaginal dryness does not always happen every day or week or month, but if the incidences are frequently happened on certain time-frames due to significant dropped estrogen levels during lactation, how can you live with it for such long period of breastfeeding?

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